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Long Coat Mi-Ki Puppy

The Mi-Ki is a highly intelligent toy breed. They can be easily trained to adapt to any environment and lifestyle. Many serve as therapy dogs for their owners and often participate in rehabilitation programs at nursing homes and hospitals. They are congenial with other animals and good little travelers for owners on the go. They delight in playing with children or actively competing with other Mi-Kis in a show ring.
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Smooth Coat Mi-Ki Puppy

Mi-Ki puppies come in a variety of colors including solids and dilutes. It is important for a buyer to understand that in general most Mi-Ki's coats will become increasing lighter as they age.
Long Coat Mi-KI Puppy

Long Coat Mi-Ki Puppy

Mi-Kis are known for their fabulous ears, often being referred  to as Ewoks or Gismos. There are several ear types including winged, up, and down, All types are acceptable in the breed standard. However, their ears can be fickle as they often change from one type to another while maturing into adulthood. 
Long Coat and Smooth Coat
 Long Coat Mi-Ki Puppy

Smooth Coat Mi-Ki Puppy

When Mi-Ki puppies are born it is often difficult for the breeder to know if the puppies are smooth coats or long coats.
Below are photos of the same long coat Mi-Ki. Notice how its color changed on the journey to adulthood.
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It is very difficult for any ethical breeder to guarantee cosmetic issues including coat color, ear type and weight.

 At best, based on experience a breeder should be able to make an educated guess from certain exiting factors in a young puppy that may be helpful to potential buyers during the selection process.
Smooth Coat Mi-Ki Puppy

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