The Mi-Ki is a proud and very refined toy breed. They carry their heads high with the tail curved over the back and move smoothly with dignity and grace. There are two varieties, the long coat and the smooth coat.


Decendant From the Original Purebred Mi-Ki Lines
Smooth and Long Coat Adult Mi-Kis

​These charming little guys are rare and highly sought after. They are very low maintenance as their coat is a medium length and lies close to the body. They do not have a beard or moustache on their faces but do have enchanting fringing on their ears and feathering on their legs.

The smooth coat variety of the Mi-Ki has been eliminated from the breeding program of  some registries. Their loss is our gain, as the smoothies are directly descendant from the same original purebred lines as the long coats, and bring their own presence and contribution to avid dog fanciers.

Mi-Ki Breeders USA, Inc.
These beautiful creatures boast a silky and straight, single coat. They come in an array of beautiful colors,with an abundance of feathers on their ears and a full mustache and beard on their face. They require regular grooming, but many breeders and pet owners choose to keep them in a puppy cut for easy maintenance. Shedding is minimal and some claim they may be hypo allergenic.
The Luxurious Long Coat
The Smoothies Are Here to Stay

Mi-Ki Breeders USA Breed Standard

Our elite breeders strive to produce healthy puppies that also meet certain expectations regarding their overall appearance, more commonly referred to as the Breed Standard.

The Mi-KI head is to be rounded and the eyes dark and prominent. The muzzle should range between 1" to 1 1/2" and their bites are generally level to slightly undershot. 
The Mi-Ki is longer in length than they are high and the tail is plumed and drapes over their backs. Their ears are their signature, coming in four different types: erect, drop, folded, and winged. All are acceptable. Their weights should not exceed 11 pounds and the preferred coat type is silky. 
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