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Decendant From the Original Purebred Mi-Ki Lines

Mi-Ki Breeders USA, Inc.
Please check with our breeders directly regarding their own individual policies and programs.
​The continuance of a line or breeding pair that is suspected to perpetuate possible genetic health issues is a major concern to any responsible, ethical breeder. There are many tests available to breeders that can be of great value in the selection of sound breeding stock. However, even the most diligent of breeders cannot unequivocally guarantee that a puppy will be healthy and free of certain diseases for their entire life. Our breeders are required to have their puppies examined by a licensed veterinarian for any congenital conditions that may already exist prior to being transferred and are also obligated to provide new owners with a written health guarantee
DNA testing for parentage is especially important for larger breeders with more than one unneutered male in their kennel. Most of our breeders have small, in home programs, and witness and plan every breeding that takes place.  In the event there is strong reason to suspect that an unplanned breeding has occurred, our breeders are required to conduct DNA testing on the dam, sire, and entire litter before registration papers will be released.

We encourage our breeders to test their adult Mi-Kis for any possible genetic health issues that toy breeds are prone to developing.