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Decendant From the Original Purebred Mi-Ki Lines

Mi-Ki Breeders USA, Inc.
Welcome to Our Wonderful World
Mi-Ki Breeders USA Registry
Welcome to the magical world of the Mi-Ki, a rare purebred, toy breed with international origins. Their story fascinates fanciers, many of whom are obsessed with researching their rich heritage, while others are simply content to have discovered this remarkable rare breed  and the unbelievable joy they have brought to their lives.

We invite you to enter our site with great expectations. We shall not disappoint.
Formed in 2003, Mi-Ki Breeders USA, Inc., is a nationally recognized association and registry for the original purebred Mi-Ki. It was formed by a group of breeders, who were active members of the Mi-Ki Club of America. Unresolved policy differences within the MCOA membership led to a major reorganization resulting in the creation of a new entity, Mi-Ki Breeders USA.Inc.

The association and its elite breeders support the concept that the Mi-Kis share a heritage with the Maltese, Papillon, and Japanese Chin. The association also recognizes both the long and smooth coat varieties.

Since retention of the original purebred  lines is one of the registry 's highest priorities, it is closed to outside breeders. Members are required to adhere to a strict Code of Ethics and are expected to maintain the highest level of breeding practices.
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